0095: the Reader

Well, I could not imagine that I am so lucky these two weekends... Last weekend I met some wonderful classic movies and then Jim Carrey's "Yes Man" was the best full stop. This weekend, I just finished some appointments first then I finished some of my film list...

I like Keanu Reeves... Even though his latest work - The Day the Earth Stood Still (2008) is a bit of ...well, just old stuff... but I reviewed one of my favorite mv - Constantine... you know... cool, humorous and fantastic... Save my boring Sat night!!!

This Sunday I watched Black Hawk Down (2001) and found some shooting gaming to remind my GTA period... After removing some video gaming and movie clips... I met the best film from the beginning of this year - the Reader. Because of the grievous stoy of Revolution Road and the common topic of Germany Concentration Camp... I had no expectancy of The Reader. I thought this film should be boring, sorrow, negative and then push us to remember that War is terrible... didn't I?

Then, I knew that I was completely wrong and why Kate won a prize by this film... The film deals the common topic from other point of view... mmm, I hope that all my friends can watch this wonderful film soon!!!