0184: Review of The Amazing Spider-Man

The Show-off Spider Man
I typed the review by iPad during my bus trip, so, please do not care of my silly English spelling/ grammar correction.
The first thing I wanna say is "The Amazing Spider-Man" is absolutely brilliant!!!  It's truly better than my expectation. Even during the end part of this film, I did almost cry in the cinema...
Be a non-sense audience, I would like to say the first feature of this film. Although I have no idea of Tobey Maguire's Spider MAn series now (even I've watched all of them before... =_=), however, this movie takes not only the latest special effect tech but also the amazing scene/ shot control... The process of each move is really, absolutely, amazing, extraordinarily super awesome!!!
Uncle Ben, or Daddy Ben.. Awesome!!!
The, return to the part of the story, in this version of Spider Man, now we can fully understand why Peter Parker becomes to the Spider Man... From the stupid costume to the well-known Spider Man style, the arrogant senior high school boy to the man who know what responsibility is... This Spider-Man seems more attractive!!! Also, lots of scripts in this film are remarkable... But I am just lazy to remind of them XD

About the actor and actress, I do like Martin Sheen as Uncle Ben... We can see his talented performance from some scenes.. Watch! His contented smile because of Peter Parker said he is the best dad :) About the leading actor, Andrew Garfield, even born in 1983, but still quite cute as a senior high school. On the other hand, the leading actress... Emma Stone, born in 1988, but seems as 1978 in my eyes =_=
The raining funeral, one of my love scene!
So many scenes of this movie I do love. For example, derricks are raised for Spider Man move to the Osborn hall/ Spider Man fights with the Lizard,  an old male teacher was listening music with headphone and completely had any idea of their fight... Funny, but addictive!!!

I am a boring man, so I also focused on some tiny issues during watching this film. Firstly, Peter seems a Microsoft lover, using IE as an explorer; Bing as searching engine... Also, a PC lover, no MAC, it's interesting in the world built up by Hollywood :)

Except to expect the next episode of this series (will be launched in 2014), finally, my question is where the Osborn hall is in Manhattan island? 

Because I could only watch my favorite Chrysler building shining at night... 
I wanna take the NYC subway again lalalalal!!!


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  2. Nice, thanks for your reading of my poor English review XD