0495: Make Something Wonderful 書摘心得分享


Make Something Wonderful 是在Steve Jobs去世11年後,整理了他的筆記、草稿、信件、演講、訪談、照片而成的一本…書摘。它由 Steve Jobs Archive 出版,可從Steve Jobs Archive 網站 (連結) 和Apple Books上免費取得。Steve Jobs用字一向簡單而精煉,有興趣的朋友們可以找來看看。以下是我喜歡的幾個部份與心得…😎

Let me give you an example. This is [an image of] the most popular watch in the world. And it’s popular not because it tells time better than any other watch. It’s popular because of its design. I’ll give you an interesting statistic: ten years ago, the average American owned one watch. Because of design entering the watch market, today the average American owns seven watches.

 心得/說明:用手錶談設計的重要,表示手錶已從功能面(報時)→流行、衣著的一部份…。不知道是否也是開發Apple Watch…這麼多錶帶的契機之一…。


It’s been an amazing journey so far, yet we have barely begun.

  心得/說明:Steve Jobs內部信之一,簡單的用字感受的到他的熱情!


LB: One of my favorite quotes from him is where he says that optimism is the essential ingredient for innovation. SJ: Well, it’s optimism and passion, because it’s really hard. And if you don’t really, really care about what you’re doing, you’re gonna give up if you’re a sane person—because it’s just super hard. I’m sure it was extremely hard for him at times.



His job was to, number one, recruit; number two, set an overall direction; and number three, you know, inspire and cajole and persuade.



I just called them up and I said, “Look, I’m young and I’m trying to run with this company. I’m just wondering if I could buy you lunch once a quarter and pick your brain.”

心得/說明:Steve Jobs年輕時想從科技巨頭(老板)學一些經驗,所說的話…。


you know your olfactory sense is your most poignant sense in terms of its connection to your memory?

心得/說明:論嗅覺的重要性 - 很可惜我鼻子不時太靈光…QQ


Apple is a company that has new products every few weeks. It’s a company where you make ten important decisions a day, but if some of them are wrong, most of them are not terribly hard to correct a few months down the road.

As CEO, you make a few important decisions a quarter—maybe three—but they are very hard to change if you decide you want to change them.



You have to communicate those with the customer at the point of sale. And it [the existing distribution channel] was not capable of that. So we decided to start our own. So that’s why we got into retail.  
We did things a little differently. Our goal in retail was not just to sell to the 5 percent of people who own our products today; it was to go for the other 95. 
We decided we had to ambush them. What that meant was that we had to go to high-traffic locations and put stores there. They [customers] didn’t have to take the risk of driving ten miles to find out they weren’t interested. They just had to take the risk of walking ten feet because they were walking by anyway, and they knew they could escape rapidly if it was something they hadn’t wanted. So we paid extra money for great locations

心得/說明:Apple Store的起源、選址邏輯,說明了為什麼Apple Store總是選擇精華地段開業… - 順便一提,我最愛的Apple Store依然是NYC第五大道的那一間… 近期最喜歡的,則可能是坐落在Milano自由廣場的店面…。


He called it management by values. What that means is you find people that want the same things you want, and then just get the hell out of their way. 

The way I describe it is, let’s say we’re all going to take a trip together. The first thing is to figure out where we all want to go. The worst thing is if we all decide we want to go to different places.

But if we all want to go to San Diego, that’s the key. Then we can argue about how to get there. 

the first piece of advice I want to give you is to try to always surround yourself with people smarter than you. This is how you get smarter and deeper.



a teacher is someone who stands with you in the dark and holds their flashlight just long enough for you to find your own flashlight.


“If this was the last day of my life, would I rather have dinner with the important customers or her?”

心得/說明:Steve Jobs少有的浪漫時光…


“If you live each day as if it was your last, someday you’ll most certainly be right. 
And when the answer has been “NO” for too many days in a row, I know I need to change something in my life.
”I’m 50 years old now, and my story is entering its third act. I can tell you with certainty that those times when I have followed my gut, heart and intuition …

心得/說明:Steve Jobs談如何作決定…