0107: Zon's Shopping List

Well, in short, I can say I am a frugal person. But, I really have no idea why I began my "abnormal" from this May... U r welceom to check my Shopping List and share your desire or idea with me ^^" Let's START!!!

#01. BenQ G2411HD Full HD 1080 Display

About my ex-LCD... it can be a legend to me, it cost me around NT$30,000 from 7 years ago... (Well, in truth, I used my laptop in OZ... so... it took a 2 year break, haha) To experience a bigger LCD, to use software easier, to do more stuff at the same time, I spent NT$8,000 for this new monitor... I should say... this LCD monitor is really really cool!!! I ought to own one when I left to TW... >_<

Now I can read two A4 document with MS WORD at the same time!!!
I need not to save any area to open more design software palettes!!!

#02. IKEA Markus Like - TW version

mmm, I need a chair, 100%!!! Because I spent too much time on sitting for reading, watching TV shows and work. I tried over 20 plus chairs and read some books about chair design before meeting Markus in IKEA. But, well, u may check its price and delivery payment, it's really OM FxxKing G...

So lucky, I found a Made-in-TW Markus-like in TPE and drove it on my own... mmm, by my motocycle, wha~ha~ha~ I must be insane >_^

One more thing. A chinese idiom - "Nice Chairs make you get to heaven, bad chairs send you to hell..."

mmm, my idiom is lame, haha~ >_^

#03. New Balance 996 - Pantone Pack - Red Pink

Why I need to buy this shoes? I can show u over 3 reasons as Ive done each buying decision before. Firstly, my lovely Nike Zoom is out >_< (Repaired x2) Second, I wanna give a choice to NB, because I just wanna have one NB shoes. Third, I like PINK!!! Especially Pinky Pantone Colors!!!

Plz look around a shoe store >_^

#04. Traveling! Earth Clock

Shortly, I do not need a clock on my desk and then waste my space.

So, I should keep this cute cute clock.

#05 & 06. 2 Tees

Tee, is my 2nd English name...but not really important ^^"

House must be my favorite USA TV shows (or FRIENDS) And I also trust House's motto... so I bought it. On the other hand... I am a loyal Lakers fan, so...I guess u have no idea to persuade me to cancel this order...>_^

#07, 08 & 09. 3 Books

U r welcome to buy the "Top JP Design 200+" with special price (NT$150) from me. But "Strategy of Apple Daily" and "Design of Book" are always mine!!! Understood?!

#10. Transformer 2

In my opinion, this film is composed by 100% of Special Effect and 0% of scenario...

#Wishlist. Zoom Kobe IV ID Basketball Shoe